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It was a great experience, so great that I asked Rashmi to do another shoot a couple of months later!

"I had a vast choice of pictures to choose from and really I couldn't make up my mind as they were all really beautiful but more importantly really true to who we are."


Where will the shoot take place?

Family Photo Session

I’ve found that children feel more comfortable, have more fun and photos are more natural when they are enjoying themselves and having fun – this applies to the adults too! I take photos in a fun and relaxed environment either in your home or a mutually convenient location. Although I make every effort to capture fun and relaxed photos, unfortunately there are no guarantees on children’s moods and cooperation during the shoot - I always try my best to keep them entertained. It is worthwhile having a few of the child’s favourite toys to hand to help. We will need to have a back up location if we agree to do a shoot outside and on the day the weather is not very nice.

Lifestyle Branding Session/Portraits

It really depends on what you want your photo to say about you and your brand. We will have a detailed consultation so I can fully undersatnd your requirements and then based on that will do the session either on location or in a studio based environment. Please contact me for more information.

What shall we wear?

Family Photo Session

The most important thing is that everyone feels comfortable. However, as a few pointers, think about where you want the photos to be displayed as this may give you inspiration as to what to wear. Otherwise try to compliment each other. This does not necessarily mean you need to wear exactly the same colour – unless you would like to. You can also get changed if you feel like it. The photos should represent the family, so try not to over think it. We will discuss this in detail at the pre-shoot consultation. 

Lifestyle Branding Session/Portraits

I will have a full pre shoot consultation with you do go through outfits, hair and make up to make sure it fits you and what you would like these photos to represent.

How long will it take?

Family Photo Session

This really depends on you and your family – generally the shoot is for about 2 hours so we can capture a good range and variety of moments but we can be a little flexible and stop for breaks … the little ones often need refreshment or toilet breaks!

Lifestyle Branding Session/Portraits

These sessions tend to be about 2/3 hours. But some lifestlye branding can take longer if you need a more detailed photo session to cover different platforms. Again, this is all discussed in your consultation.

When is the best time of the day to do the shoot?

Family Photo Session

Again this depends on you and your family. I need everyone to be at their most rested and energetic – often this may be in the morning or just after lunch. Think about when the little ones are at their happiest during the day generally. It helps with getting more natural and happy shots! It also allows you all to have more fun! We will discuss this during the pre-shoot consultation.

Lifestyle Branding Session/Portraits

I do these shoots during the week day but if you have a special request, please let me know.

How many photos will you take?

Every shoot is different - there is no minimum or maximum of photos that I have in mind. I do not think that quantity is important as much as quality.

What style of photos do you take?

Family Photo Session

I do not pose families. I may ask you to sit in a certain place or direction but that is about as structured as it gets. If I had to describe my style I would say it’s unobtrusive, capturing moments, and captures each family as unique as they are.  My main aim is to give every family photos which are unique to them and photos that capture special moments whether they be fun, tender or completely random.

Lifestyle Branding Session/Portraits

I want the photos to represent you so I may pose you a little  to get the best version of you ... the main thing I ask of you is to relax and enjoy it!

Do we need to prepare anything for the shoot?

Family Photo Session

If we do the shoot at your home then it is helpful if you can keep a plain (ideally white) sheet, which I can use to lay on the bed for a few photos. Other than that, have any favourite toys or precious objects that you would like to have captured in the photos. As an example, I have taken photos of babies with their parents’ old teddies, which will be cherished both by the parents and the child. We will have a pre-shoot consultation when you book to discuss details.

Lifestyle Branding Session/Portraits

As each shoot is unique, we will discuss this at your pre-shoot consultation.

Do you bring lots of equipment?

I like to shoot using natural light so even if I do bring equipment, I may not use it all. In our pre-shoot consultation, we will discuss the amount of natural light that is available in your house (or the location we agree to shoot at). I may use extra lights if we have discussed certain styles of photos in our consultation. Generally, I find using natural light and minimal equipment is the best way of capturing natural photos as some clients feel less conscience of the camera.

Can I cancel?

A non-refundable deposit of $275 is required to confirm and secure your booking and date. I understand things can happen unexpectedly so if you need to cancel then please do so 48 hours before the scheduled shoot and I will be happy to reschedule another date. Only 2 changes are allowed in 12 months.

What happens after the shoot?

You will have a Reveal Session where I present you with the best selection from your shoot so you can make a selection. This will normally be beautiful 5x7 prints in 8x10 mats - unless you are unable to physically make a Reveal Session in which case we may do a Skype Reveal. You decide what you want and how you would like them presented. I have a careful selection of albums, wall products and prints and I work closely with you to help you select products that are suitable for you in your home and on your walls or where ever else you want them eventually.

How much will it cost?

Matted prints start from $275. I also have 3 different beautiful Collections for portraits, families and lifestyle branding which you can choose from. What you wish to invest in is totally up to you. My job is to take photos and capture moments that you simply cannot live without, to treasure now and for generations to come.

Other things to consider?

Full copyright of the photos remain with Rashmi Gill and the photos can be used for, but will not be limited to, marketing purposes. You will get the digital images for the corresponding printed image you purchase.

The most important thing to remember - Relax and have fun! 

We enjoyed every bit of the session!

"I can't believe how much fun we all had and how relaxed we all felt!"

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